Designed, built and tested several fiber based laser delivery systems, including solid fiber systems for an erbium laser at Pharos Optics, Inc. and a hollow fiber for a carbon dioxide laser at Medical Optics Division of Kaiser Aerospace and Electronics. Design elements included input and output coupling optics for single mode and multimode configurations.

Provided mechanical packaging for two RF products at Sonik Technologies. A base transmitter licensed from Motorola was repackaged to Sonik’s specifications and a die-cast housing was designed for a consumer product with emphasis on esthetics and thermal management. Both units required extensive RF shielding features.

Mechanical design for five Cartesian Technologies, Inc. process automation products utilizing robotics for the pharmaceutical industry. Each project included product specification, mechanical system design, detailed design documentation, and design verification.

Utilized 2D and 3D mechanical design tools to configure a prototype Automated Teller Machine (ATM) for Greenland Corporation. Improved the user interface by incorporating human factors in both the mechanical design and GUI.

Designed and built prototypes of several configurations of very high resolution active, covert video surveillance and night vision systems for Nyx Technologies.

Managed, engineered, built, and tested a prototype 100 Watt thermophotovoltaic generator for a U.S. Army program conducted at Quantum Technology.

Designed and conducted proof-of-concept demonstrations for Vista Medical Technologies’ head mounted displays for surgical applications. Contributed to the prototype design incorporating human factors, optical, and mechanical features.

Designed and tested precision ruggedized mirror adjustment and locking mechanisms, optical collimators, fiber couplers, and optical attenuators for commercial and industrial applications.

Contributed to the development, testing, and manufacture of a low loss hollow fiber for infrared optical transmission in conjunction with Rutgers University, encompassing optimization of coupling, fiber transmission, and mode propagation characteristics.

Starting from a physician’s concept of the desired tissue effect, developed a prototype laser thermokeratoplasty system (refractive surgery) for Laser Biotech. A unique laser and beam delivery system was utilized to demonstrate the feasibility of the refractive surgical technique.

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