ThinkGroup's mission is to be attentive to our customers' needs and deliver high-quality engineering services through advanced technology and excellent customer service.  We consistently meet our customers' requirements by providing expertise and design tools suited to the product or device under development.

Founded in 2001 and based in San Diego, California, our services include: product conception, project management, engineering design, industrial design, and manufacturing design. We can provide complete multi-disciplinary engineering design solutions for product development and manufacturing or quickly respond to your engineering requirements during peak demand periods by performing individual tasks. Our engineers can work at your workstations, use our portable computers in your facility, or work off-site.

Dale Osborn,
CEO & Founder

Dale Osborn is CEO and a founder of ThinkGroup. He has been providing engineering consulting services for three years, prior to which he was Engineering Manager at Medical Optics, a division he helped form for Kaiser Aerospace and Electronics. There he led development of lasers, laser systems, fiber beam delivery systems, and research in head mounted displays for minimally invasive surgery.  Previously he was VP of Engineering at General Photonics and Manager at GTE Sylvania, developing electro-optical devices, solid state and carbon dioxide lasers for industrial, scientific, and medical applications.  Mr. Osborn has had extensive experience defining products from customer requirements, designing and building prototypes, systems design, project management, and designing for manufacturability. He has a degree in Engineering Physics from Lehigh University and is co-author of one patent.



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